A national sweepstakes giveaway built on Payload in 30 days.

Dragon's Hoard - dungeon crawler video game powered by Payload

"Without Payload, we would have had to build APIs and an admin UI, slowing down the process."

When New Holland Brewing came to Payload with a creative marketing idea for their Dragon's Milk brand, Payload’s out-of-the-box authentication and admin panel meant that it was not only possible, but on time and in budget.

Payload was used to manage a national sweepstakes giveaway that awarded users for playing a web-based video game. Payload APIs meant that prize seeding and user data was highly secure and legally compliant.

A highly creative web-based video game, thanks to Payload.

Dragon'[s Castle
Alchemist's Lab
Mad Alchemist Lich
Spider's Cellar
Giant Spider
Goblin's Pub
Sleeping Dragon
Roll The Dice
Dice Rolled
Game over

On a specified date, Payload randomly seeded the database with prizes, each with a predetermined award date based on a varying degree of rarity. Then for a limited-time only, Payload opened the game to the public for users to play and win.

As users completed the game they were compared against this prize queue and awarded as necessary. The effort was highly successful — the marketing team funneled thousands of users into the game and gave away hundreds of prizes.

End-to-end in 30 days

With Payload powering the business logic, creativity was able to shine. They spent less time worried about infrastructure and more time developing their ideas. Everything from animation to voiceovers was done completely from scratch in a single month — a pace only Payload can facilitate.

Dragon's Hoard Admin PanelDragon's Hoard Admin Panel

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