Powering the "Uber of Snowplows"

Quikplow is an innovative on-demand service platform, often described as the "Uber for snow plows." Offering a seamless solution for individuals who prefer not to handle snow removal themselves, Quikplow connects users with nearby service providers through their app..

By partnering with Payload, Quikplow was able to build an entire backend at a blazing pace.

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The Challenge

A race against time (and snow)

In a four-month sprint to create a snow plowing app, Quikplow faces multiple challenges to get their innovative product launched. Requirements included:

Authentication and CRUD Overhead

Secure user authentication and robust CRUD operations were essential components, posing a potential burden on development resources and time.

Rapid Development

The goal was to develop the entire app in less than four months to meet the seasonal demand for snow plowing services.

Admin Back-Office

Efficient management of customer support, service provider onboarding, and payment processing through Stripe Connect necessitated a fully-featured admin panel.

Access Control

Ensuring secure access to information with varied user permissions was critical for maintaining data integrity and user privacy

The Solution

The modern backend for everything

Efficient Auth and CRUD

Payload offered an out-of-the-box solution for secure CRUD operations and authentication, allowing Quikplow engineers to bypass the time-consuming task of building these functionalities from scratch.

React Admin Panel

Payload's intuitive and next-generation admin UI provided an instant back-office solution, enabling the Quikplow team to manage various aspects of the platform without the need for a custom admin interface.

Dynamic Access Control

Payload's robust access control system ensured users could access only relevant information, enhancing security and user privacy with a seamless, dynamic approach.

Integrated Business Logic with Hooks

The integration of Stripe Connect into Payload was seamless, incorporating necessary business logic to handle payments effortlessly, including transactions between customers and service providers.

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Thanks to Payload's auto-generated admin UI, the Quikplow team has a fully featured admin panel that they can use to handle customer support queries, service provider onboarding, payouts using Stripe Connect, and much more.

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Quikplow went from concept to reality in 120 days with Payload

The speed through which Quikplow was able to develop and deploy a fully functional backend to its app wasn’t just unparalleled—it’s almost unheard of. The entire app, spanning authentication, location-based search, ecommerce functionalities, and more, was developed in less than 120 days.

The unprecedented pace was due to Payload's capabilities for authentication, CRUD operations, and admin panel generation, saving Quikplow valuable development time and budget resources.

Further, they didn’t have to sacrifice security. Payload's robust access control system ensured a secure user experience, where different users had access to information pertinent to them, enhancing overall app security.

The integration of Stripe Connect with Payload via hooks allowed for a seamless payment processing experience, facilitating secure transactions between customers and service providers effortlessly.

Rapid innovation is often a selling point of traditional, SaaS frameworks and platforms—only to fall well short of promises. But Quikplow's success story showcases how Payload's versatile features and streamlined development capabilities make it a reality.

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