How might you make the Code field’s language user-selectable?

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2 months ago

I’m new to Payload and and barely comfortable with React, trying to figure out what a reasonable approach might be for making the Code field’s language something that can be changed on the fly by the content editor.

What I’ve considered:

1. Making a jillion separate Code fields and using a Language select field with a condition to toggle them. (Seems gross.)

2. Creating a custom field that includes the Select and Code fields together. (Got that sort of working, but not sure if I should just serialize an object with




properties for the value or if there’s a better way.)

3. There’s maybe a way to get at component state/props from a field hook and wire things together, but I failed to connect the dots. (


looks promising, but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be called from a field hook?)

The Color Picker field guide was really helpful, and I have a feeling I’m missing something pretty basic! I’d very much appreciate any high-level guidance!

...and this has been covered. Option 3’s a valid approach if you use it sensibly:

Sorry for the noise!

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