Modifying field breaks update?

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3 months ago

I am currently trying to move an existing upload field to a custom group field that connects to an external service for file-hosting. This however seems to break our seeding script when existing data is present (which is kinda bad if some data is already present in a staging environment that you want to update).

The field previously was

{name: 'media', type: 'upload', relationTo: 'media', required: true}

and now is

{name: 'media', type: 'group', interfaceName: 'MyCustomMedia', fields: [/* a lot of stuff */]}

Our seeder attempts to update existing values using

await payload.update({id, data: {/* here be data including a media object */}});

However in an


hook on one of the new fields, it turns out the value of the media field is still a string instead of an object.

What am I missing here to fix my update?

Actually... Ignore this for a minute, we might be doing something stupid 🤔



hook is also called


updating which blew up our new field's resolvers. Handling that specific case fixes the seeder!

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