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6 months ago

Hey - I'm currently building my dream page-builder using your awesome CMS. I was so glad I found the nested docs plugin, which solves so many problems I had in literally every big headless CMS I tried out.

However - I want to hide the automatically generated 'breadcrumbs' field from my nested collection. I tried to use the override function createBreadcrumbsField - as stated in the docs - but it does not seem to work.

Any guidance? Any other way to hide the breadcrumb array field?

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    6 months ago

    Hi! I did this in collection fields

              admin: {
                hidden: true,

    with this in config:

    breadcrumbsFieldSlug: 'breadcrumbs',

    Works like a charm!

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    6 months ago

    Hm :/ Doesnt seem to work for me - but thank you for your quick reply. Still get the same error as before.

    Okay ... I got it. Had to change the import

    From docs:

    import createBreadcrumbsField from "@payloadcms/plugin-nested-docs/fields/breadcrumbs";

    Path that works for me:

    import createBreadcrumbsField from "@payloadcms/plugin-nested-docs/dist/fields/breadcrumbs";

    Docs wrong or my setup wrong? 😄

    @rzeka with the correct import it worked just like you said - 🙏 thank you

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    6 months ago

    Good. My ide imports what I need itself so I don't focus on those much 😅

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