Bug: "admin" is allowed on NamedTab type, but its value is ignored & NamedTab always included

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Hi Team Payload,

It appears that while "admin" is allowed on a NamedTab type, that its value gets ignored.

If this is better meant as an issue, happy to delete and repost.

For reference:

  • NamedTab type below shows that "admin" property is included from union w/ FieldBase

    • export declare type NamedTab = TabBase & FieldBase;
  • Here's a snapshot of what I'm trying to do — dynamically include the relevant tabs based on a enumerated layout property

    • Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1 28 06 PM
  • Results = still present even with always false value

    • Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1 28 24 PM
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    Payload Team
    10 months ago

    Hey @andwrobs — currently conditions are not meant to work on tabs. So we will need to omit that property from FieldBase. However, enabling it would be a good feature request and we will keep it on the radar!

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