build doesn't work

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9 months ago
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  • The index.html file has admin/ in file path but the directory does not exist
  • also how can I deploy it to production or change hostname to ??
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    Payload Team
    9 months ago

    Hey @AdrianPrendas — we will need more information to help you here.

    In production, Payload serves the contents of the /build folder statically via Express, so everything under /admin will first attempt to match to a file in /build, but if there is no file there, it will fall back to serving to /build/index.html.

    In regards to deploying to production, we have a collection of tutorials that show how to deploy Payload to a DigitalOcean droplet here:

    But you can deploy it to anywhere that can host a Node / Express app.

    Here's another walkthrough for Northflank:

    I'm going to convert this to a discussion as it is not related to an issue with Payload but we are happy to continue to help there in the discussion!

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