Can we set height of textarea?

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2 years ago
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As the Topic said.

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    Payload Team
    2 years ago

    Hey @Duckinm

    You can set the height of a textarea like this:

    const textareaField = {
      name: 'yourFieldHere',
      type: 'textarea',
      admin: {
        rows: 10, // set however many rows you want the textarea to appear with

    Also, from your screenshot, it looks like when you resized your textarea, you dragged it behind the field to the right, which is no longer clickable / resizable because that field is sitting on top of your actual clickable textarea handle. Maybe a good future option would be for us to add a field property to textareas that disables resizing.

    What do you think?

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    2 years ago

    One more, Did "textarea" are being broke right now? After mouse drag is ended, I can't drag it again.

    Screen Shot 2564-08-02 at 3 45 17 AM

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    2 years ago
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