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Deploying on CloudFlare Pages or Vercel

11 months ago
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is it possible to deploy Payload CMS to either CloudFlare Pages or Vercel? If yes, could someone give me a very brief step by step guide?

Thank you,

  • jmikrut
    Payload Team
    11 months ago

    Hey @AlessioGr — we've actually been working with another community member about deploying to Vercel in the following Discussion:

    #519 (comment)

    TL;DR: Vercel is a serverless platform and Payload runs on Express. You can deploy Express apps to Vercel, but they don't recommend it. Check out that link for more info.

    Regarding Cloudflare Pages, I believe that platform is meant to serve static sites, and Payload comes with APIs. So I'm not sure that you'd be able to deploy Payload to Cloudflare Pages.

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  • AlessioGr
    11 months ago

    I see, thank you a lot for the explanation! As for Cloudflare, you can probably use "Workers", but I guess that has the similar limitations as Vercel serverless functions

  • balupton
    3 months ago

    So Cloudflare Pages is just some tooling around Cloudflare Workers and KV to make edge static and dynamic sites possible, it is Cloudflare's competitor to Vercel. So Remix and Astro sites deployed to Cloudflare Pages support static assets, ssr, edge functions, and client components; plus the benefits of cloudflare; worlds largest cdn and ddos protection, kv, d1, r2, queue, etc. That said, the Cloudflare suggestion is best suited by #1525

  • balupton
    3 months ago

    For facilitation of the various serverless platforms, swapping out express for might be a good move

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