How to add default value for blocks

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10 months ago
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I have a content field requires at least 1 block.

I want to save our editors' effort by providing a default value for it, but defaultValue is not working as I expected.

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    10 months ago

    Found the answer myself.

                  name: 'content',
                  label: false,
                  type: 'blocks',
                  minRows: 1,
                  maxRows: 1,
                  blocks: [
                        slug: 'content',
                        labels: {
                          singular: 'Content',
                          plural: 'Content Blocks',
                        fields: [
                            name: 'richText',
                            type: 'richText',
                  defaultValue: [
                      richText: [{ children: [{ text: '' }] }],
                      blockType: 'content',

    It's really interesting that writing/asking the question itself can give me the answer.

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