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How to use internal links in Rich Text without overloading the client with data?

last month
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I want to use the functionality of internal links to other documents in the project. This is very handy so that I don't lose links when the document slug changes or the URL structure changes, for example. But along with the required fields of the target page (urlSlug, title), I even get the whole Rich-text document on the client ... how can I bypass this to get only the required fields?


how can I exclude text field from getting it? I use GraphQL to get data from server.

Should I filter it on the server? Is it the only solution?

Thank you in advance!

  • Kikky
    last month

    As I understand, I need to sepcify correct value for maxDepth property of the relationship field in link native element? How can I do it? Or I have to override somehow native link element?

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  • JessChowdhury
    Payload Team
    last month

    Hi @Kikky - yes you'll want to set a maxDepth on the relationship field which looks like this:

      name: 'link',
      type: 'relationship',
      relationTo: ['posts', 'pages'],
      maxDepth: 1,

    You may want to reduce it further to maxDepth: 0, try updating these and comparing your returned data.

  • evelynhathaway
    3 weeks ago

    I don't think this solution is possible. I created #2166 to track the capability that would solve the author's request.

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