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License verification keeps going wrong

last year
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After creating a droplet on digital ocean and setting up my first user through /admin/ I keep running into the license is invalid error. I initially made a license for the wrong domain as I didn't include the subdomain. But now everything should be in order.
I double checked my .env variables.
the domain is, if that helps.

What do?

  • denolfe
    Payload Team
    last year

    Hey @ignism, it looks like you had some canceled licenses with the same domain that were likely interfering. I've cleared out all of those, give it another shot when you can đź‘Ť

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  • ignism
    last year

    Thanks, it works now! I was afraid I messed up there. Would be nice if we had a chance in the future to clean that up ourselves.
    Can't wait to give this puppy a spin.

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