Problems with implementing the SEO Plugin

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last year
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When implementing the SEO plugin I am getting a TypeScript error.
Can anyone point me at my mistake?

My payload.config.ts:

export default buildConfig({
  // Ommited because out of context
  plugins: [
      collections: ['pages'],
      uploadsCollection: 'images',

The error:
TS2322: Type '(config: Config) => Config' is not assignable to type 'Plugin'.   Types of parameters 'config' and 'config' are incompatible.

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    Payload Team
    last year

    I don't think the type error you shared is coming from the plugins of your config.

    To rule this out, what happens if you comment out the plugins from your config, does the error go away?

    I just createed a new Payload TS project and added the seo plugin and it is working with your exact plugins config. I can push to a sample repo if it helps or you can go look at the public-demo too.

    Happy to help more if you can share the rest of your config or more specific lines of code to look at.

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    last year

    It does go away when I comment it out. I'll investigate a bit more and will let you know.

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    last year

    Yep, I tried as they have it in the demo and it works perfectly. Thanks. 😩

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