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Hello everyone,

Could someone please post an example of how to use 'where' 'in' query for Local and REST API?

Say I want to get 2 categories with specific IDs from the 'categories' collection. With local API this is what I am trying to do:

const result = await payload.find({
    collection: 'categories',
    where: {
        id: {
            in: ['619bea3fcc9ad5dd9692139f', '619bea2ccc9ad5dd96921377']

Result: it gives me all the categories from the collection.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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    Payload Team
    last year

    Hey @vstarush — I can help here.

    Your syntax is right. Running a similarly formatted query against the new beta version of Payload returns 2 documents as expected.

    What version of Payload are you on? Can you try updating Payload to the most recent beta to re-try your test? The current beta, due to be released shortly, has fixed a few bugs due to querying by ID that arose from a new feature that we released a few versions back which allows users to define their own IDs for documents.

    Let me know if the new beta fixes it!

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    last year

    Hi jmikrut! Yes, thank you, the version had solved the issue.

    I was on 0.12.3 and it didn't work, but the 0.12.10-beta.0 works for Local API. Thank you! :)

    Do REST queries support 'in'/'not_in'? I tried this, but it didn't work:

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    Payload Team
    last year

    Boom. You are on it! There was a leftover bug with our new implementation related to comma-delineated IDs.

    Install 0.12.11-beta.0 to get a fix! And thank you for bringing this up!

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    last year

    Hi @jmikrut

    Yep, I was away and missed the .11, but installed the .13 now. All works! :) Thanks so much for your help with this!!

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