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Serving static assets

9 months ago
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Hi, I would like to have an example about serving static folders in Payload. Theses files can be used for instance in admin.meta.favicon field in payload.config.ts.

Here is my project tree:

I tried using express.static in my server.ts as follow but this does not work:

app.use('/public', express.static('assets/public')); => give 404 on localhost:3000/public

app.use('/public', express.static(__dirname + '/assets/public')); => also give 404 localhost:3000/public

Is there any example/documentation about serving static files in Payload that I can take a look at ? Thanks a lots !

  • DanRibbens
    Payload Team
    9 months ago

    This is really an express question more than to do with Payload.

    When you say you get a 404 from localhost:3000/public are you specifying the file too as in localhost:3000/public/favicon.ico? The expected result for hitting just the directory path is a 404 unless you have a handler set also.

    Assuming that you are requesting files it has to be a problem with how you are calling express.static. We use path.resolve(__dirname, './assets/public') rather than + to concat path names together.

    What happens if you try app.use('/public', express.static(path.resolve(__dirname, './assets/public'));?

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  • henrituan
    9 months ago

    Thanks a lots, (path.resolve() indeed solves the problem !

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