Table View for Media Collection no longer shows the thumbnail gallery

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7 months ago
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Current version: "payload": "1.6.32"
The previous version where it worked: "payload": "1.6.22",

also I use
"@payloadcms/plugin-cloud-storage": "^1.0.12",

After I've updated the payload version, all my media collections look like Table Views (columns with non-image data instead of thumbnails).
And it works fine for these collections that contain some documents, but I prefer to see thumbnails if the collection only contains image files.

Is it possible to return them back? Or to configure it using some "admin" property?

UPD: I found that if I select "File name" column I can see previews 🙈 (but it's so not obvious)

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    Hey @lilnotes
    This was a UX decision we made when implementing bulk operations. Several others have asked for different list views in other discussions and we think it is a great idea!

    If you don't want to wait for us to get to it you can always make a custom List component and assign it to admin.components.List in your upload enabled collections. It might be a bit of work but you could look at the old UI component as your guide
    Which gets used in: src/admin/components/views/collections/List/Default.tsx

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