Payload is now completely free and open-source.
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Payload is completely free.

Free and open source, forever

Payload is MIT licensed and has no restrictions for personal and commercial use. You can download and use Payload in production and host it for free, forever.

Power your enterprise with Payload.

Payload is the perfect development solution for rapidly building enterprise solutions. Use it to work with content, mobile apps, and more.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate your Payload admin with your organization's identity provider for a seamless, secure experience.

Dedicated Development Support

Make sure you're leveraging Payload in the most powerful manner possible. Get your own technical resource to be involved in your project throughout it's lifecycle.

Customer Success Manager

Have a dedicated Payload professional assigned to your team for complete success with the product.

Support SLA

Service level agreements to guarentee you can get the answers you need in a timely manner.

Everything's included, always.

Admin Panel

Allow your content editors to manage data with Payload’s Admin panel. It’s built with React, beautifully minimal, and completely customizable.


Anything Payload does can be done through its fully-featured GraphQL API. You can even easily add your own custom queries and mutations.


Don't need the full power of GraphQL? No problem. A fully featured REST API is automatically generated from the shape of your configs.

Local Node API

The Payload Local API gives you the ability to execute the same operations that are available through REST and GraphQL within Node, directly on your server.


Payload features robust localization support. Manage your content in an unlimited amount of locales, on a field-by-field basis.

File Upload

Everything you need to enable file upload, storage, and management directly on your server—including extremely powerful file access control.


Make use of highly secure and customizable user auth out of the box, including function-based access control.


A powerful pattern to add your own logic like integrating with third-party APIs, adding auto-generated data, and more.

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