Publishing Workflows

Build a publishing workflow that can be as elaborate or as simple as necessary. Stay informed and enhance collaboration with notifications and inline feedback, delivering content production that's not just timely, but meets your standards.

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Workflow Publishing at PayloadWorkflow Publishing at Payload

Content that doesn't miss a step.

Approval WorkflowsApproval Workflows

From concept to canvas

Take control of your content's journey with sophisticated approval workflows. Map your internal dependencies to Payload’s easily defined, multi-step approval processes, and ensure content meets your standards before it meets the world.

Your content. Your control.

The effectiveness of a publishing workflow hinges on the strength of its underlying access control. Specify approval stages down to the field level, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals access relevant content.

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Access Control in Payload

access: {
create: changeDraftsOnly,
update: changeDraftsOnly,
read: ({ req }) => {
if (req.user) return true
return {
_status: {
equals: 'published'
delete: ({ req }) => {
return isAdmin(req.user)
Slack NotificationsSlack Notifications

A workspace that keeps you connected

Whether it's content approvals, necessary edits, impending deadlines, or just a friendly reminder, your team remains informed with a smart and responsive content creation environment.

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