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Editing your website should be as simple as browsing it. Save a trip to your admin panel by swiftly making text or image modifications on the fly, or reconfigure entire pages alongside your team, with a simple point-and-click.

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a laptop mockup showing a website, showing editing a headline on the front end a laptop mockup showing a website, showing editing a headline on the front end

What you see is (actually) what you get

Point, click, edit.

Effortlessly make modifications to text, styles, and images, or reorder entire page components as you browse in real-time. Visible to logged-in users, an admin toolbar appears atop each page and facilitates the editing experience.

visual editing reordering menu and toolbarvisual editing reordering menu and toolbar
audit logsaudit logs

Edit, Confidently.

A powerful visual editor doesn’t sacrifice necessary oversight. Robust version control and an audit trail accompany any edits made by your team, making it easy to revert to previous versions if needed, while ensuring accountability, identifying contributors, and gracefully resolving any edit conflicts.

Your content. Your control.

Determine editability levels to your content—down to the field level. This means that your team members only have access to the content they are responsible for. With highly declarative access control, easily elevate security and order as necessary, and safeguard against unwanted changes.

See how it works

Access Control in Payload

access: {
create: changeDraftsOnly,
update: changeDraftsOnly,
read: ({ req }) => {
if (req.user) return true
return {
_status: {
equals: 'published'
delete: ({ req }) => {
return isAdmin(req.user)

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