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Launch Week

Launch Week 2

ICYMI, we recently made some substantial updates to Payload core, which laid the framework to make deploying Payload serverlessly a reality. We’ll have much more to say about this during Launch Week 2, along with some other surprises, during the first week of April.

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What is Launch Week?

Every quarter the Payload team will release a handful of new features in an effort to improve Payload, and your experience using it. There will be videos. And blog posts. And, of course, giveaways.

November 2022

Launch Week One

Last November, Payload had its first-ever Launch Week, and it was a huge success. Our team has not slowed down since then, and everything we're working on for Launch Week II is going to make Payload more powerful in all the right ways. If you missed our first launch week, do yourself a favor and cruise through the links below for everything we released.

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