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Community Help
Community Help

A great developer experience extends way beyond writing code. Your code needs to be effective and efficient, and that means you do too while you’re coming up with it.

Being able to find solutions easily and leverage an active community all sharing knowledge together has a huge impact on both the quality of your code and the quality of your life.

With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce our new Community Help archive.

Community Help builds upon our active and supportive communities on Discord and GitHub. With over 500 resolved threads, there's a good chance that your question has been asked before, a similar issue has been encountered or a code example that you are looking for has been shared.

But the problem up until now was that GitHub Discussions are terrible for SEO for some reason, and Discord help threads are locked behind needing to download yet another app.

So to make this information way more accessible, we’re directly fetching all this data from Discord/GitHub and displaying it on the Payload website’s Community Help page. (p.s. don’t forget we are open source so feel free to check out how we did this!)

To help you find what you need faster, we've integrated Algolia Search to index every question, answer, and comment. This lets you use keywords to search on any part of the thread so you won’t miss out on anything relevant. You can also view the thread directly in your browser without needing to visit or sign up for external sites.

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The first thing most of us do when we need help is turn to a search engine (i.e…. we bing it….just kidding). But when’s the last time you ever landed on a GitHub discussion from Google? Think about it… You might land on an issue, but rarely on a discussion.

With all of our GitHub Discussions and Discord community help threads output as static pages in our NextJS site, over time, we’re also hoping to start to see way more results from the Payload community directly in your Google search results.

This section of our site will continue to evolve and become more powerful as our archive of answers expands. We’re extremely grateful for our enthusiastic and engaging community and this would not be possible without them. A few of you are absolute maniacs about helping each other and we just want to take a second to say - - THANK YOU.

Head over to the Community Help page and let us know what you think!