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Hello Bello Customer Story

Hello Bello, the beloved brand co‑founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, has been on a remarkable journey.

Their baby products and digital approach are notoriously innovative, having disrupted an entire industry, but their growth required an e-commerce solution that could keep up with their speed and creativity.

After launching an app alongside their website, they soon found they required a solution that could power it all.

Enter Payload, an open-source, application framework and content toolset that was agile enough to match Hello Bello's various needs and robust enough to accommodate future growth.

Moving to Payload: By the Numbers

10x Landing Page Production Speed

Without the need of dev support, marketers could generate & launch landing pages at light speed.

2x Product Page Production Speed

A unified approach to content meant product pages no longer required development effort.

3x Lighthouse Speed

A critical Google ranking factor, the move to Payload meant a Lighthouse speed score increase of 3x.

Stripe Integration

Seamless integration with Stripe for effortless, secure processing, catering to both standard and customized sign orders.


Before adopting Payload, Hello Bello faced serious obstacles

Rigid Development

Hello Bello's team quickly ran into roadblocks with Shopify, such as the creation of multiple data sources. This yielded confusion and expensive inefficiencies.

Developer Bottlenecks

The need for developer involvement in creating pages and implementing updates hampered the their ability to respond quickly to changing needs and market dynamics.

Manual Data Entry

Launching new products required time-consuming manual data entry, resulting in operational bottlenecks and delays in launching products.

Performance Issues

Their previous system made it challenging to improve critical SEO factors like site speed, and they needed a solution that would offer greater control and improve performance to stay competitive.

The modern way to do e-commerce

After evaluating several options, Hello Bello made the move to Payload, and several factors influenced their decision:


Payload's extensibility and code-based nature was a game-changer. It enabled Hello Bello to break free from the restraints of rigid, monolithic content management, offering the nimbleness and speed they needed.

Dedicated Technical Support

Hello Bello had access to Payload founders and engineers, augmenting development efforts in a way that other services don't offer, and overcoming any early obstacles to move faster.


Payload offered a cost structure that fit Hello Bello's budget, allowing them to allocate resources where they mattered most.

Screenshots of Hello Bello's collection blocks.

Through Payload, Hello Bello has already experienced a series of transformative changes

Unified Product Data

Hello Bello was able to centralize all product data, making updates a breeze, and saving precious time and effort.

Modern Editing Experience

Payload’s features & extensibility allowed Hello Bello engineers to provide marketers with “a world-class editing experience.”

Expedited Time to Market

Marketers could produce landing pages without dev support, bringing products to their customers faster than ever.

Measurable Success

Hello Bello saw immediate impact in terms of SEO, achieving a Lighthouse speed 3x that of their previous CMS.

A breath of fresh air

Hello Bello's marketing and creative teams experienced a surge in efficiency and creativity thanks to Payload. With reusable blocks, intuitive drag-and-drop editing, and the extensibility behind the scenes to adjust as needed, the communications team could craft compelling content instead of coordinating with developers.

This newfound independence was a game-changer, while empowering their engineering team to work with a platform that they actually enjoyed using.

For Hello Bello’s engineers, the fact Payload was built on industry-standard technologies such as TypeScript—while being fully open source—meant they maintained control of their own data, and were never sidelined by the dreaded vendor lock-in, allowing them to adapt that data to their needs.

Further, they could refocus their efforts on any customization beyond just the admin panel level, including the CMS’s functionality itself, providing unmatched flexibility.

As a bonus, Payload’s local API has enabled Hello Bello to automate manual data entry processes—making data import and content editing a breeze.

Liberated from the constraints of a monolithic content management system, Payload delivered Hello Bello the agility and speed it desired.

With a thriving community and an intentional team supporting us, Payload had all the core features we needed to get started quickly, and the flexibility to make it our own as we build a world-class editing experience for our team.

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Matt Dean, Sr. Software Engineer
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