A self-hosted, headless JavaScript CMS

Payload gives you the power to generate a powerful, extensible CMS that can be added to any new or existing NodeJS + Express application. It provides a beautiful admin interface and automatically opens up extensible REST API routes for consuming content based on models that you define.

Payload Admin User Interface

Infinitely extensible by design

Payload ships with a command-line tool that writes out a content management structure for you to use, extend and modify however you need.


Host and own your code and your data

Other headless CMSs host your APIs and content in their black box. With Payload, you own everything - use it how you want.


Streamline your stack with JavaScript

Web and app development today revolves around JavaScript in an ever-increasing number of ways. It's time to ditch the legacy PHP content management systems.


Server-render without the complexity

Server-rendering with libraries like React is great - until you need to poll a third-party API. Payload takes away the pain so you can write modern code.

Payload's architecture allows for a single content source of truth

Payload will be delivered in 2020

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