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Augmented reality has set new expectations for user engagement.

Known for pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences, Paper Triangles required an online presence that mirrored their renowned immersive experiences—but found themselves constrained by an outdated and slow content management system.

Working with their agency partner, Old Friends, the challenge was to build a website that reflected their cutting-edge work—requiring autoplaying videos, dynamic animations, integrated camera libraries, and more, without sacrificing speed or ease of content updates.


Code-first for devs, imagination-first for design

As they evaluated CMS options for their client, Old Friends understood immediately that a low-code platform wasn’t going to be enough. The CMS needed to be entirely customized to not limit the imagination of the designs and animations.

A need for speed and innovation

Paper Triangles needed a solution that could support complex, custom-built functionalities and allow for frequent updates—all without compromising on performance or UX.

Customization and scalability

Identifying a CMS capable of supporting highly interactive, engaging bespoke solutions while remaining user-friendly for non-technical editors presented a significant hurdle.

Streamlining content management

Paper Triangles needed a platform that would empower them to manage their digital content without relying on Old Friends’ developers for every minor update.


Empowering creativity with Payload

Payload emerged as the perfect fit. Its open-source nature and robust foundation in TypeScript and React made it an ideal choice for developing a highly custom, interactive front-end.

For an agency like Old Friends, Payload was the sweet spot to deliver on its promise to clients like Paper Triangles.

“Payload provides the easy-to-use interface for our clients and the developer freedom we need to execute custom designs,” said Old Friends’ design engineer James Clements.

Content management without sacrifice

Payload’s intuitive admin panel provided the Paper Triangles team with a seamless interface, marrying technical sophistication with user-friendliness.

A platform for innovation

Payload’s extensible architecture allowed for the development of plugins and integrations, such as video hosting with Mux and cache refresh with Vercel, enhancing site performance and interactivity.

Creative updates—and autonomy

Paper Triangles had a system to independently manage updates and content, reducing reliance on developers. This ensured that their site could feature their latest work, enhancing agility and user engagement.

A blueprint for future innovations

The successful deployment of Paper Triangles' website using Payload has set a new standard for what is possible in combining creativity with technology.

Payload's ethos as a DX-focused CMS meant that Old Friends could leverage its close coupling with Next.js to create a fully custom website that didn’t just meet but exceeded the client's expectations.

By choosing Payload, Old Friends has not only elevated the online presence of Paper Triangles, but also laid a solid foundation for future digital innovations.

This project underscored the power of choosing the right tools to bring visionary projects to life, ensuring that creativity is never compromised by technological limitations.

What we found so user-friendly about Payload was how simple the UI was to upload, edit and manage content. Things were not hidden behind code.

Paper Triangles
Frank Shi, Co-Founder

Payload was created because agencies needed a better solution

It was built from the ground up to give developers a platform they enjoy working with, and an admin experience that clients will love to use.