Digital Craftsmanship: How Tekton Retooled with Payload


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Tekton, a family‑owned company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializes in crafting hand tools for mechanical work.

Their commitment to precision, excellence, and classic design is evident in every tool they produce. With a desire to translate this commitment to their digital presence, Tekton sought a partner who shared their passion for excellence in craftsmanship. They didn’t have to look far.

Located just a few miles away, Payload shared Tekton’s intentional approach to building a product that has enduring quality.

Moving to Payload: By the Numbers

2.3x Content Ops

Admin UI & flexibility accelerated product releases from 7 days to 72 hours.

15x Dev Efficiency

Engineers became unblocked, and focused on great code.


Marketing and development bottlenecks

Lack of Content Management

Tekton's teams faced content management challenges due to the absence of a suitable CMS, resorting to manual HTML and CSS coding for their static site.

Compatibility Issues

Trials with CMS alternatives revealed a lack of alignment with Tekton's unique needs, stemming from complex usability and incompatibility.

Performance Bottlenecks

Some platforms not only introduced complexity but also negatively impacted site performance, posing significant operational hurdles.


Headless without the heartache

Developer-Friendly Flexibility

Payload's headless and code-based architecture enabled Tekton to create a modular, well-defined design system, ensuring a perfect fit for their current and future needs.

Responsive Community

Tekton benefited from the highly responsive and supportive Payload community on Discord, ensuring they had assistance whenever needed.

Efficiency and Autonomy

Payload significantly improved content management workflows, allowing the marketing team to autonomously create and manage content within an intuitive admin interface, resulting in expedited and consistent content creation with minimal developer intervention.

A screenshot of the frontend and backend of Tekton's website.

A standard of quality that's as important online as it is offline

With Payload, Tekton discovered an ally that upholds the same high standards of craftsmanship that define their product. Just as Tekton's tools are appreciated for their timeless design and refined functionality, Payload's technology, though digital, adheres to an equally high standard with its clean code and developer-friendly approach.

Together, Tekton and Payload have achieved precision and efficiency in Tekton's digital presence. Every online interaction with Tekton now mirrors the excellence and intentionality they are known for, ensuring that the digital experience represents the quality expected of their tools.

We were impressed by the built-in flexibility and extensibility that kept our development workflow agile and in sync with marketing needs. This jumpstarted our implementation, enabling us to create scalable and performant solutions that empower non-developers to generate content on our site.

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Duncan Van Keulen, Software Developer
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