A smarter way to manage digital assets

Keep your assets where they belong—alongside your content. With Payload, seamlessly integrate your CMS and digital asset management tool to save time, hassle, and budget.

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Building with Payload can be done quickly and effectively, thanks to its code‑based customization and developer‑friendly features.

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The answer to build vs buy

When it comes to digital asset management, don't surrender to SaaS. Prioritize your requirements, reduce development costs (along with avoiding vendor lock-in) and embrace Payload's open-source nature to build on your terms.


Asset Organization

Payload comes equipped with an advanced file upload, storage, and management system. Create entire media libraries, gate content as needed to provide downloadable files to select users, and extend as desired by seamlessly adding essential fields.

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Folder view of a media collection.Folder view of a media collection.

Share among individuals or teams

Effortlessly locate, edit, and share assets across teams, channels, and individuals. Payload's DAM admin panel prompts better collaboration, workflow and asset lifecycle management, and easy accessibility.

share files in digital asset managementshare files in digital asset management

Version Control & Audit Logs

Out-of-box features like autosave, customizable workflows, and comprehensive audit logs streamline the management of digital content revisions and ensure the integrity of digital asset operations.

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audit logs and version historyaudit logs and version history

Field-Level Access Control

Effortlessly map permissions across teams, service lines, or entire departments, down to the individual employee and asset field level. This streamlines user onboarding, enhances security, and ensures dynamic access control.

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access control in digital asset managementaccess control in digital asset management

Enterprise-ready Security

Payload prioritizes security with robust features like SSO, customizable authentication, and detailed access controls, ensuring data is protected against web threats. This makes it a secure choice for digital asset management with enterprise-grade compliance.

Screenshots of a list of users and a login dialog.Screenshots of a list of users and a login dialog.
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