Take back your content infrastructure.

Your data belongs to you. Payload is the open-source, headless CMS and content framework that delivers the flexibility to build what you need, and gets out of the way.

a code snippet for a Payload config.
a code snippet for an example user collection API response.

The most innovative companies on earth are building with Payload.

The world is moving toward open source. Are you?

More than 8 of 10 enterprise decision makers are planning to incorporate open-source platforms like Payload into their stacks—with 89% finding them more secure than SaaS alternatives.

Embrace Payload's open-source flexibility to build your internal apps or websites, and say goodbye to expensive roadblocks and vendor lock-in.


Modern Code

Written in React & TypeScript, rapidly iterate and deliver solutions on time and under budget.



Payload is designed for extensibility, with all the utility of a backend framework, allowing your team to build anything at any time.


Lightning Fast

Payload's GraphQL API is 700% faster than competitors.


Marketing Toolset

Create and manage content with a minimal, intuitive UI, loaded with world-class features.

Enterprise features

Visual Editor

Save a trip to your admin panel by swiftly making text or image modifications on the fly, or reconfigure entire pages alongside your team.

A mockup of visual editing.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamlessly integrate with any SAML or OAuth 2.0 identity provider, and eliminate the need to maintain individual logins.

this is a version of the SSO logo grid block with background fill, especially useful over the gridlinesthis is a version of the SSO logo grid block with background fill, especially useful over the gridlines

Publishing Workflows

Stay informed and enhance collaboration with notifications and inline feedback, delivering content production that's not just timely, but meets your standards.

Approval WorkflowsApproval Workflows

Enterprise AI

From translations to dynamic image generation and an intelligent writing assistant, Payload’s AI toolset is thoughtfully engineered to accompany your efforts, not replace them.

AI writing assistantAI writing assistant

Multi-Player Editing

Effortlessly build, shape, and visualize the look and feel of your content alongside your team—all in real-time.

Payload's Multi-Player EditorPayload's Multi-Player Editor
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