Security at Payload

Security isn't just a feature—it's foundational to what Payload does as an open-source solution.

The open availability of our source code allows a diverse community of developers to address vulnerabilities, leading to a more secure and battle-tested product compared to SaaS alternatives.


User Authentication

Authentication is used within the Payload Admin panel itself as well as throughout your app(s) themselves however you determine necessary.

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Authentication admin and external loginAuthentication admin and external login

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Payload’s Single Sign-On solution, enterprise users can securely log in using their corporate credentials.

Screenshots of a list of users and a login dialog.Screenshots of a list of users and a login dialog.

Access Control

Upon the first login with corporate credentials, user profiles are automatically generated, effortlessly mapping permissions across teams, service lines, or entire departments, down to the individual employee.

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