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Meet the modern way to build headless e-commerce. Open source and fully extensible, Payload provides the flexibility and performance that off-the-shelf solutions can't match.

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Payload had all the core features we needed to get started quickly, and the flexibility to make it our own as we build a world‑class editing experience.

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Simplify your stack with Payload + Stripe

Eliminate e-commerce vendors like Shopify from your stack entirely, and promote efficiency and collaboration, while reducing development costs.

Payload centralizes your e-commerce operation, ensuring that whether an admin is managing products, or an engineer is crafting new features, they have immediate access to everything they need, right within Payload.


Visual Editing

Effortlessly build and visualize the look and feel of your storefront content alongside your team members—all in real-time. Work collaboratively on any piece of content, including products, from anywhere.

It’s the way content authoring was meant to be.

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use the Visual Editor for your ecommerce needsuse the Visual Editor for your ecommerce needs

Stripe Integration

Leverage Payload's open-source framework to own your APIs and product database, seamlessly integrating with Stripe for enhanced payment experiences. This setup not only synchronizes product details efficiently but also harnesses webhooks for a robust, secure, and customizable storefront operation.

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Sync your ecommerce product with StripeSync your ecommerce product with Stripe

Built-in Auth

Payload's built-in auth uses secure, HttpOnly cookies, allowing for powerful yet customizable user authentication. This foundational attribute of Payload ensures the secure and responsible management of customer accounts.

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ecommerce authenticationecommerce authentication

One platform to manage code and content

Whether it’s an editor managing content and products or an engineer building new features, everything happens seamlessly within Payload.



Products are linked to Stripe via a custom select field that is dynamically populated in the sidebar of each product.


Order History

Purchase history is recorded to the user's profile as part of the checkout process.


Shopping Cart

Logged-in users can have their shopping carts saved to their profiles as they shop.


Stripe Integration

Payload itself handles no currency exchange. All payments are processed and billed using Stripe.



Products can optionally restrict access to content or digital assets behind a paywall.


Layout Builder

Create unique product and page layouts for any type of content using a powerful layout builder.


Media and Uploads

Products and pages can contain media like images, videos, downloads, and other assets

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