Payload is now completely free and open-source.
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Use Cases

The perfect headless CMS for websites, native apps, and more.


Payload powers content for websites both large and small in an extremely fast, manageable and scalable manner.

Web apps

Build complex web apps using Payload as your backend. Implement any type of business logic you need with Hooks.

Native apps

Make use of Payload’s content management, authentication, and file storage within native apps for iOS, Android, and more.



If you need more customization than off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms can provide, Payload is for you.



Pair Payload with Stripe or a similar payments engine to create your own full subscriptions app.



Author content in one place, but use it anywhere. Truly decouple your content from your presentation.

The silver bullet

Payload was built to deliver everything digital agencies and modern dev teams need from a CMS, all in one place.

The team behind Payload has been building websites and apps with existing solutions for over a decade. We know what works and what doesn't, and to this day have found no silver bullet solution. Payload is our silver bullet solution. It's finally got everything we need in one place.

Get started with one line.

npx create-payload-app