Optimize without compromise

Leverage Payload with Next.js to statically deliver your A/B content, providing a faster and more performant solution.

A/B Testing Variation A ecommerce example
A/B Testing Variation B ecommerce example

The right way to build your variant content

Most A/B testing solutions cripple your site speed and yield a poor user experience.

Alongside Next.js, Payload is the only platform that statically renders your variant content, not the server. Delivered from the edge, this means your A/B content is faster, more secure, scales better, and provides a far more optimal user experience compared to out-of-box alternatives.

speed chart and static vs server rendering diagramspeed chart and static vs server rendering diagram

Control everything within your CMS

Manage all of your variant content seamlessly within the Payload admin panel. Easily create, organize, and optimize your tests, all within a single, intuitive interface.

Headless CMS
manage two page variants in one CMS, with the same urlmanage two page variants in one CMS, with the same url

Pair with any analytics platform

Integrate with your preferred analytics tool, and measure anything.

AB Testing analytics platforms logosAB Testing analytics platforms logos
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