How Payload helped launch dreams into space


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Use case

Headless CMS

Club for the Future homepage and postcards

By the numbers: The impact of Payload

Payload helped modernize the digital reach of Blue Origin's nonprofit "Club for the Future" program, allowing, in their words, "to bring ideas to life."


Of digital postcards facilitated by Payload that will be aboard Blue Origin's future New Shepard flights.


The time it now takes from collaboration to publish content updates.

Education & engaging

Thousands of K-12 students, inspired by Blue Origin's program to pursue STEAM careers.

Blue Origin's Club for the Future is dedicated to inspiring young minds to dream of a future among the stars.

Their signature program sends student postcards to space aboard Blue Origin's rockets, exemplifying their commitment to engaging students in STEAM.

To help bring these lofty ambitions to life, they required a platform running behind-the-scenes that was as bold as their vision—while remaining as future-proof as the aerospace company behind the effort.

Enter Payload.


Crafting a portal to the stars

Club for the Future required a dynamic platform that would seamlessly connect students to the wonders of space exploration. But they were slowed by a previous CMS that limited their creativity and flexibility.

In short, they needed a solution that would transcend the traditional boundaries of content management.

Roadblocks with an "inflexible" CMS

Club for the Future was limited by a rigid CMS, constraining their creative ambitions and technical capacity, forcing them into inefficient workarounds.

A secure solution that SaaS can't provide

An open-source solution was necessary to ensure control and security. It was a box that traditional SaaS CMS platforms, often acting as restrictive "black boxes", could not check.

Clunky user experience

With a website & app that often fell short in usability, there was a clear need for a platform that could facilitate a better user experience on the frontend.

club for the future approve or deny process

How Payload future-proofed a leader in space exploration

The extensibility and flexibility to do anything

Blue Origin's out-of-box thinking met its match with a system that was architected to permit engineers to build anything. Instead of hacks and workarounds, Club for the Future could leverage the power of Payload to build new experiences.

A full suite of modern marketing tools

Developer-first doesn't mean marketing-last. Payload provided Club for the Future's admin users the necessary blocks, revision history, drafts, localization, and access control expected of a powerful content workflow.

Riding open-source momentum and support

Payload proved itself as a suitable partner for Blue Origin's long-term vision, with an impressive release cycle, responsive feedback and support, and a community of thousands already standing behind the product.

club for the future website postcard gallery and confirmation message

Launching dreams into space with Payload

Working with Payload, the Club for the Future team built a two-click process, enabling them to swiftly review student-submitted postcards before the next Blue Origin New Shepard flight. This expedited the number of postcards making their way outside of earth's atmosphere, fulfilling the promise made to thousands of students around the world.

Utilizing Payload enabled Club for the Future to implement our digital postcards tool quickly and easily, engaging thousands of K-12 students to think about why the Earth needs space and mobilizing them to pursue STEAM careers.

Blue Origin Club for the Future Logo
Heather Nelson, Director, Blue Origin's Club for the Future

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