Visual Editor

Editing your website should be as simple as browsing it.

Save a trip to your admin panel by swiftly making text or image modifications on the fly, or reconfigure entire pages alongside your team.

Visual editing hero depicting Lexical editor and editing a relationship
Visual Editor hero depicting reordering an array of items

What you see is (actually) what you get


Next-Generation Editor


Real-Time Edits


Version Control & Audit Trails


Field-Level Access Control

Building with Payload can be done quickly and effectively, thanks to its code‑based customization and developer‑friendly features.

Microsoft - Payload ClientMicrosoft - Payload Client
Sowmya Reddy Peta, Engineer
Microsoft front end screenshots

Point, click, edit.

Effortlessly make modifications to text, styles, and images, or reorder entire page components as you browse in real-time.

visual editing mockup showing editing rich text, relationships, and media

Field-Based Access Control

Determine who can edit content—down to the field level. Easily elevate security and order as necessary, and safeguard against unwanted changes.

greyed out text field

Version Control

Robust version control and an audit trail accompany any edits, making it easy to revert to previous versions if needed, while ensuring accountability and gracefully resolving any edit conflicts.

audit logs and version history

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