The best way to build a modern backend.

No black magic and fully open source, Payload is both an app framework and a headless CMS. It's truly the Rails for TypeScript—and you get an admin panel.

a code snippet for a Payload config.
a code snippet for an example user collection API response.

Define your schema in code and get a full TypeScript backend and admin panel. Instantly.

Skip the hassle of building your own admin panel or using an ORM. With Payload, access a comprehensive, open-source solution that includes built-in authentication, access control, and more, all without the need for additional frameworks or tools.

an admin panel with code snippets.

Payload is Next.js native

Payload is built on Next.js, ensuring less hassle, more speed, and enhancing your projects from the ground up.

Fully Leverage React Server Components

Extend your admin panel with server components, reducing client-side load and keeping business logic behind the scenes.

Turbopack Out of Box

Payload supports Turbopack from the start, accelerating development with instant updates and a superior developer experience.

Deploy Serverlessly

A Next.js foundation allows effortless deploy of your full stack to serverless platforms like Vercel, streamlining your workflow and boosting scalability.

Harmonious Front and Back-End Deployment

Bring your front and back-end together in perfect harmony, simplifying deployment and enhancing collaboration across your entire stack.

This elevates the Headless CMS experience to a new level.

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Guillermo Rauch, CEO, Vercel

No black magic. Just code the way it’s meant to be.

Magic should come not from obscuring the hard parts, but instead, watching the code you write become a project you’re proud of. Payload is built on transparency, offering you full control with the safety net of conventions and best practices.

To say another way, if you ever have to “learn” Payload, we’ve failed. There are no closed doors here, only open paths to explore and innovate.

If we've done our job, Payload will make you a better developer.

Payload provides solutions, not roadblocks.

Forever free and fully open-source under the MIT License.