Use RichTextField, but not have onChange event

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4 weeks ago


I am trying to use RichTextField in my own component, but I realize that there is no onChange event that I can use.

now I use in my component, like this:

import RichTextField from "payload/dist/admin/components/forms/field-types/RichText";
const customComponent = (props) => {
  // some code
  const [body, setBody] = useState(null)
  // some code
  return (
    <RichTextField name={"body"} path={"body"} defaultValue={body}></RichTextField>


I cannot handle the changes from the field and call setBody

Anyone has any idea on this? thanks

FYI, I use Payload 1.15, so it's SlateJS

solved by set rich text field with the same


prop as path in


, it will dispatch the value to that field

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