Payload Cloud has officially left beta—what's new and what's next

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Payload Cloud is out of beta
Payload Cloud is out of beta
We're thrilled to announce that Payload Cloud has officially left beta.

Since the beta launch in April we've been refining the cloud offering to make it even more powerful. Whether you’re developing an app, website, or need a full e-commerce backend with Stripe integration, Payload Cloud can handle it.

Payload Cloud works just like Vercel, but for regular Mongo + Express apps that run a server. Connect your GitHub repo and boom — we deploy everything you need for production instantly.

It's your CMS, deployed for you. We just give you the plumbing.

What's new in Payload Cloud

Email with Custom Domain Support: We've worked closely with Resend to support seamless integration with your custom domains, making it easy to manage your projects and create a personalized experience.

UI Enhancements: The Cloud experience was refined through beta, as a host of UI enhancements have resulted in an intuitive dev environment.

Stability and Performance: To ensure a rock-solid foundation, we have put the stability and performance through rigorous testing. You can now trust that whatever you build will run smoothly and efficiently.

The Road Ahead

We have an exciting roadmap ahead, packed with features and improvements that will further enhance your development experience.

Here's a sneak peek:

  • One-Click Front-End Hosting

  • Deployment History and Rollbacks

  • Automated Backups

  • Environment Sync

  • CDN Caching

14-Day Trial for New Sign-ups

If you haven't tried cloud yet, we're making it even easier to take it for a spin. New sign-ups will have a 14-day trial period. Get started today and experience all that Payload Cloud has to offer. Let us know what you think.