Roadmap Released

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Roadmap Released
Roadmap Released

We have a ton of plans to make Payload even more powerful. Now, our Roadmap gives us a place to talk about them.

Our Roadmap lists the features and updates that we plan to release over the next two years and beyond.

Each Roadmap item has a corresponding GitHub discussion which we encourage our community to participate in. In these Discussions, we'll take our community's feedback into account for each item on our Roadmap. These discussions are your chance to help shape the trajectory of Payload.

Upvoting Features

If you're logged in to the Payload site, you can upvote the features that are most important to you. Your upvotes will directly influence the order that we tackle the features highlighted.

Adding a Feature

Have an idea for a new feature that you'd like to see added? Open a GitHub discussion and categorize it as "Feature Requests & Ideas". From there, the Payload team will review your request. If it gets enough traction, we'll get it added to our Roadmap!