How divbrands future-proofed e-commerce with Payload

E-commerce is full of needlessly complex platforms. They entangle a business in a quagmire of bloated processes and tedious onboarding processes. But it doesn't need to be that way.

divbrands, a leading Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) company, wanted something simpler. Less bloat. More speed. More flexibility! This quest to enhance their agility would lead to their the of Payload. Payload’s code-first architecture and content-first UI handed his team the distinct competitive advantage their digital-native business needed.

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By the Numbers: The Impact of Payload


How to match the pace of a global, remote team

With a remote, global team of developers and marketers, divbrands confronted multiple requirements:

A Purpose-Built E-Commerce Solution

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, divbrands manages a diverse product catalog and adapts to rapidly changing strategies. To stay competitive, they needed a solution—without the bloat—that could keep pace with their dynamic business model.

Learning Curve

Traditional content management systems presented a steep learning curve, slowing down the adaptation process, especially with a cross-functional, remote workforce. This posed a significant challenge in a world where speed and flexibility are the difference between success and failure.

Fragmented Toolset

Utilizing multiple tools for content and product management led to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and potential errors. divbrands needed a single, centralized solution to manage its data.

Modern Code

divbrands required a platform that would be seamlessly aligned with their TypeScript-based ecosystem, and one that was the preferred programming language of its development team.


A blazing fast backend and intuitive UI to the rescue

Payload’s fully modern, blazing fast backend with an intuitive user interface would give divbrands everything it needed to drop the platform spaghetti of yesteryear and move quicker.

Typescript, Top to Bottom

Payload's native support of TypeScript provided divbrands with a modern solution, seamlessly integrating into their tech stack. This compatibility allowed them to maintain coding consistency and quality, leveraging the power of TypeScript and ensuring a seamless, efficient development experience.

Centralized Data Management

Content and product management became a cohesive and streamlined process with Payload. This centralization reduced errors, ensured consistency across all of its e-commerce properties, and significantly expedited content creation and modifications. divbrands no longer had to rely on multiple tools, saving them time and effort.

Notable Impact

By replacing their existing e-commerce provider with Payload, divbrands was able to clean up its front-end codebase, removing workarounds that had been solved by Payload, and resulting in 1/3 reduction in the size of its codebase.

Simplified Learning Curve

Payload's user-friendly admin UI panel facilitated a smooth transition. Team members quickly adapted to the system, reducing the need for extensive training and enhancing overall productivity. From the login screen to content creation, team members can stay focused on their tasks without getting bogged down in the interface.

Efficiency and Adaptability

Payload's intuitive interface enabled divbrands to build a flexible and tailored e-commerce website that perfectly aligned with their dynamic business needs. The platform's adaptability meant they could swiftly respond to new ideas and offers, test them, and push them out to their audience at an unprecedented pace.

A blueprint of how to build ecommerce right

Guided by their CTOs vision and powered by Payload, divbrands successfully conquered the intricate challenges of content and product management, simplifying and streamlining their digital processes to meet their ever-evolving needs.

As a bonus, Payload’s interface was so user-friendly that even the divbrands' operational and logistics teams could use it to update or add relevant information on the product side. Despite not having prior CMS experience, they required just 30 minutes to adjust and begin editing content, resulting in a more cohesive and collaborative workflow across the organization.

This practical approach to building out an online infrastructure allowed divbrands to swiftly adapt and thrive in a landscape marked by constant change, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency while securing a competitive edge both for today and into the future.

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Before Payload, we had to “glue” a lot of separate applications together, and this was causing a lot of headaches for us. With Payload we managed to centralise all kinds of documents and databases that are user-facing in a single place.