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Online Game

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Michigan's largest independent craft brewery had set its sights on a nationwide audience with an innovative campaign.

They just needed a platform to pull it off.

In the heart of Michigan, where New Holland Brewing crafts its renowned brews, Payload proved to be the perfect ally for executing a complex project with precision and speed—bringing awareness to their Dragon's Milk brand.


Creating a highly engaging experience

Dynamic Prize Allocation

The challenge was to design a system that randomly allocated prizes, each with a predetermined award date based on rarity, to heighten user anticipation and excitement.

Time-Sensitive Engagement

Creating an online game & sweepstakes presented the challenge of encouraging thousands of users to participate, play, and compete for hundreds of prizes within a specific timeframe.

Security and Compliance

Ensuring the secure and legally compliant distribution of prizes added an additional layer of complexity to the challenge.

Secure Prize Management with Payload APIs

Leveraging Payload's highly secure authentication and APIs, New Holland ensured that prize seeding and user data adhered to stringent security measures.

Streamlined Administration

Making the most of Payload's intuitive admin panel, New Holland's marketers seamlessly facilitated every aspect of the initiative—from creative assets to user outreach, enhancing overall efficiency.

Strategic Database Seeding

Utilizing Payload's database seeding capabilities, New Holland randomly populated the system with prizes, each assigned with a predetermined award date based on rarity. This approach added excitement and engagement, contributing to the overall success of the campaign.

Dragon's Hoard

Challenges into cheers

New Holland Brewing's commitment to excellence in crafting experiences, much like their renowned brews, drove them to overcome unique challenges in the online space and emerge with a commercial success.

By implementing Payload, they successfully created a nationwide online interaction that mirrors the brewery's dedication to quality, innovation, and a touch of fun, all while upholding security and compliance standards.

Without Payload, we would have had to build APIs and an admin UI, slowing down the process.

Dragon's Milk Payload ClientDragon's Milk Payload Client
Marketing team, Dragon's Milk brand
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