Data to decisions: How Payload helps First Street surface climate risk



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First Street home page components and part of CMS

If you've ever typed in your address to assess your property’s climate risk, there's a good chance it was using data supplied by First Street.

The New York City-based nonprofit leverages expertise and technology to parse and disseminate critical climate risk data, thereby guiding experts, policymakers, and citizens toward smarter, safer decisions.

Teaming up with View Source, a Payload agency partner, First Street was able to transform its visual identity and website to better mirror the precision and importance of their work.

First Street risk factor map

Identifying the unicorn of CMS

When it comes to selecting a content management system, it's a crowded field. But there's very few that could offer what First Street required: a solution that offered an unmatched developer experience, paired with a user-friendly and intuitive admin panel.

In essence, they needed a unicorn; a platform that would allow their team to efficiently manage the site without technical knowledge, with limitless flexibility behind the scenes.

An admin experience that balances intuitive with powerful

First Street's team needed to efficiently manage and update content without the requirement of extensive technical knowledge—ensuring that content production was both straightforward and powerful.

Securing First Street's most valuable asset: trust

Ensuring the security of their website was a top priority for First Street. They needed a CMS that could provide robust security measures to protect sensitive data and maintain trust.

A powerful, flexible developer experience

Behind the scenes, View Source was handling First Street's site, and needed a next-generation developer experience. This meant being able to handle complex data schemas and the support of automatic type generation, enabling data integrity and reducing errors.

First Street research CMS and front end

Communicating the complex—with simplicity

Streamlined site management

View Source helped move First Street to Payload, handing their client a user-friendly and intuitive interface to manage any piece of content, including the ability to set up secure forms—addressing a common pain point in other systems.

Security only an open-source platform can provide

Payload’s robust security measures were a decisive factor, ensuring that site data was secure, a crucial component for a brand that will only go as far as its trust and reliability.

An efficient, flexible developer experience

Payload's handling of complex data schemas and automatic type generation enhanced data integrity (while reducing data-related errors) and simplified development. Additionally, the prebuilt Redirects feature made the migration and launch of the new First Street site much smoother.

First Street Contact Form

Payload helped First Street enhance storytelling for data-driven impact

With a bold new look, and the power of Payload’s intuitive and flexible platform running behind the scenes, First Street not only communicates data but now commands attention, making the science of climate risk both accessible and essential.

First Street's mission and data

Payload has transformed the way we manage content and handle data. It's an indispensable tool for any modern agency.

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Jen Yuan, Director of Digital Experience, View Source

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