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Payload has delivered Hope Network with a truly enterprise-tier website CMS.

And thanks to Payload’s code-based nature, this is only the beginning. Over time, Hope will add more and more functionality to its site, which will allow it to continue to provide ROI to the organization for years to come.

The organization consists of 8 “service lines” and hundreds of pages of content. Among the content models are Subsites, Forms, Housing, Locations, People, Redirects, and much more.

Multi-tenant, “subsite”-based access control

Hope Network Autism Subsite
Hope Network Developmental Disabilities Subsite
Hope Network Neuro Rehab Subsite

Hope Network has 8 distinct “service lines” which required their own content, navigation, color scheme, and more. And each service line is managed by entirely separate teams, which need to log into the CMS and only be allowed to edit their own service line’s content.

However, the Hope marketing team should be able to log in and control everything—across the entire site. From global content to a specific service line’s content, Hope needed a system of access control that could scale with their ever-expanding team’s needs.

Payload’s Access Control stood up to the task. Hope editors can log in and see only their own service line’s content, seamlessly. They are limited to control only their own site’s navigation, content, and more.

Screenshot of hope websites teal homepage overlaying a screenshot of the Payload CMS admin panel, used as an example to show what editing a page on the backend can produce content-wise for the frontend website.

Drafts & Previews

Drafts allow editors to preview their work

A “Preview” button is baked into the editor so that admins can quickly pop back and forth between their work—and the results of their work.

While navigating through the site, an “admin bar” appears at the top of the window with quick access back to the CMS.

A page-builder grants editors with the perfect amount of flexibility

The trick to building an enterprise CMS is all about how much control to give editors. You want the site to remain branded and deliberate, but allow editors to author experiences that can be incredibly flexible in nature.

Give too much control and the site starts to look like a kaleidoscope. Too little, and you’ll have editors harping on the dev team to create more features.

The Hope site makes heavy use of Payload’s Blocks field to craft pages not on a template basis—rather, dynamically based on the layout and content that the page requires. The site features 21 distinct layout-building blocks, each of which are flexible and usable, yet bulletproof and impossible to uglify.

Hope Network Block Editor Light

The Payload block editor, showing the layout of the Hope Network homepage

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