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Bringing an innovative idea to reality

In the realm of sign design, 2/90 Signs has unleashed a groundbreaking innovation powered by Payload, creating a dynamic and efficient system that redefines customization and e-commerce.


Crafting an integrated sign system

A Robust Backend

A flexible and robust backend needed to keep up with customization options on the frontend.

Configurable Design Specs

2/90 required a highly intricate schema, which meant a backend solution with support for highly configurable design specs.

Refined Access Controls

The CMS needed to ensure product visibility was appropriate to each customer, down to the order and invoice level.

Stripe Integration

Seamless integration with Stripe for effortless, secure processing, catering to both standard and customized sign orders.

Access Control

Payload's access control proved instrumental, offering exceptional power while maintaining user-friendly management. Declaring and managing document access became as simple as writing a JavaScript function, providing a seamless solution to 2/90's access control needs.

An Admin Panel Up to the Task

Payload's dynamically generated React admin panel emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled intuitiveness in managing diverse data types. Its dynamic functionality, coupled with easy customization and extension capabilities, empowered 2/90 Signs in streamlining management of its complex configurator.

Unparalleled Schema Support

Payload robust capabilities supported 2/90's highly intricate schema requirements. This ensured that the complexities of the sign system's design specifications were effortlessly handled within the Payload framework, offering a tailored solution to their schema challenges.

Stripe Support

Payload facilitates streamlined integration with Stripe through a dedicated plugin, ensuring seamless and secure e-commerce transactions for both standard and customized sign orders.

Web app admin panel created with Payload

Simplifying the complex by building the right way

In the journey to revolutionize sign design with integrated e-commerce, 2/90 Signs utilized Payload's native approach to building complex projects at speed.

Seamlessly integrating endless frontend customization, highly configurable design specs, and organization-based access controls, Payload empowered 2/90 Signs to navigate each project requirement without encountering roadblocks.

The precision and flexibility provided by Payload's extensible nature propelled 2/90 into a new era of efficiency and innovation in the realm of sign design.

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