Product configuration and ecommerce, all powered by Payload.

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2/90 Signs has built an extremely powerful realtime sign system designer, all powered by Payload.

The CMS backend for 2/90 leverages Stripe to facilitate transactions for one-off products or fully custom sign orders, which are all editable and managed through the Payload CMS backend.

This functionality provides 2/90 with the ability to send orders from the sign building software straight to production without missing a beat.

All sign specs are stored in Payload on a project- by-project basis, which allows for easy reorders, updates, and edits.

My290 Sign Editing
My290 Sign Editing Backer
My290 Sign Editing Identification Sign

The customization options on the frontend are endless, and every detail needs to be one hundred percent accurate, which meant 2/90 needed to use a backend that was up to the task.

Design specs are highly configurable and inherit from a base system spec. 2/90 needed to design a highly intricate schema, and Payload supported everything needed.

My290 Access Control

Access Control

Organization-based access control

Users are tied to Organizations which allows 2/90 to restrict what products they can order, whose orders they can see, which customers are eligible for paying via invoice, and much more.

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