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Quikplow Featured Image Case Study

Quikplow saved dev time and budget by building their backend on Payload.

The app is similar to an "Uber for snow plows". If it snows, and you don't want to take care of it yourself, you can download the app and request a snow plow to come take care of it for you. Then, the app will match you to a Service Provider, by proximity, who will come out and plow your driveway.

Engineers got to skip auth and CRUD completely

The entire app, front to back, was built in less than 4 months thanks to Payload. Out of the box, Payload delivered a full, secure CRUD API, including authentication—which kept the Quikplow team moving and not bogged down by writing boring CRUD and auth endpoints, yet again.

Payload authentication used in Quikplow native app
Native app admin panel powered by payload

React Admin Panel

Instant Admin Back-Office

Thanks to Payload's auto-generated admin UI, the Quikplow team has a fully featured admin panel that they can use to handle customer support queries, service provider onboarding, payouts using Stripe Connect, and much more.

If Quikplow was built with a typical app framework, they would have had to roll their own app management UI, and that would have added on months to the dev timeline.

Access Control

Security guaranteed by Payload.

The app features robust access control, ensuring that different users can only access information that pertains to them, and nothing else. It's all incredibly dynamic and handled seamlessly by Payload.

Learn about Access Control
const Requests: CollectionConfig = {
slug: 'requests',
access: {
read: ({ req: { user }, id }) => {
// Customers can only read their own requests
if (isCustomer(user)) {
return { customer: { equals: } }
// Providers can only read their own requests
if (isProvider(user)) {
return { provider: { equals: } }
// Admins can read all
if (isAdmin(user)) return true;
// None of the above? Can't read any
return false;
// All other access control here
fields: [
// fields here


Business logic integrated seamlessly with Hooks.

Stripe Connect was integrated into Payload seamlessly to process payments from customer to service provider, while sending a small percentage back to Quikplow itself.

Learn about Hooks
const Requests: CollectionConfig = {
slug: 'requests',
hooks: {
beforeChange: [
beforeValidate: [
afterChange: [
fields: [
// fields here

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