How a yoga studio flexed with Payload

In the heart of sunny Phoenix, Arizona, a community yoga studio named We Are Viking embarked on a goal to modernize their digital presence and expand their community's reach.

And with little in the way of budget.

The Arizona gem, known for its vibrant energy and innovative outreach efforts, found an ally in Payload, given its open-source solution—one capable of scaling down to provide even the most nimble and community-oriented business a modern and cost-effective platform.

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A small, community-centered yoga studio needed it all

Cost-Effective Solution

As a community service, We Are Viking Yoga needed a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t compromise on a modern outcome.

Efficient Content Management

Ease of use for the admin UI was essential. They required an admin panel to create content that required little to no learning curve, making it user-friendly for all team members to manage content on both the website as well as the booking service.

Unified Capabilities

Balancing the needs of the website with an integrated booking system presented a unique challenge. They sought a solution that could seamlessly harmonize these distinct elements into one cohesive platform, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Impact of Payload




An open-source solution brings harmony

Licensed under MIT, Payload’s open-source offering allowed We Are Viking Yoga to build what they needed, how they needed it, without locking them into a rigid and expensive system.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Payload's code-first approach ensured efficiency and adaptability. In a matter of hours, We Are Viking Yoga could construct a simple website and effortlessly expand it to include a booking system, all within a unified platform, thanks to the power of custom hooks and endpoints.

Enhanced Customization

Payload's remarkable extensibility empowered We Are Viking Yoga to integrate a variety of functionalities, simplifying complex processes like password resets, event notifications, user sign-ups, even workflows that allowed users in the system—who may have entered an email address via the public website—to “Check In” via the booking app. All of it powered by Payload.

Cost-Effective Integration

Running Payload on a Cloud Run instance drastically reduced expenses to a mere $3 a month, providing an economical integration for a booking system and significantly lowering overall costs.

Guided by their vision of harmony, both online and off, We Are Viking Yoga's creative use of Payload was able to streamline their digital footprint.

With the scalability and adaptability of Payload, they can now offer a unified experience, and focus their efforts and resources on promoting within the community and connecting people with yoga.

A screenshot of Viking Yoga's check-in platform.
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Payload has given us the perfect balance of speed and flexibility. We’re grateful to have a solution that is so easily extendable. If a feature doesn’t exist, we can have it implemented in minutes rather than days.