Add/Modify a field in `afterChange` collection Hook

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2 months ago


I am trying to add/modify a field in


collection hook. Can anyone advise me how I can achieve that? I tried doing:

hooks: {
    afterChange: [
      async (data) => {

        data.doc.new_field = 'test'        // adding a new field => doesn't work
        data.doc.existing_field = 'test'   // works locally but value is not reflected in db 

This might seem as a straight forward question, but I don't find a way for it.

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    2 months ago

    @loaialsharee Does it have to be done in the afterChange hook?

    Also, I notice you're not returning the doc in the afterChange hook

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    2 months ago

    @notchr Thank you for your insight! It seems that I need to add the


    to the collection fields first to be able to reflect on both db and API from the hooks. It appears that it doesn't create a field on the fly.

    For the existing fields (like the ones attached with the image upload field once linked with Media collection by default), I guess modifying them is not possible.

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    Payload Team
    2 months ago

    - Adding fields on the fly is not possible. Payload is code first, so adding the field to your collection fields is the way to go

    - You can modify fields, but you are likely looking for a beforeChange hook, afterChange is too late, the data has already been saved in the DB

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