Adding custom data in the API response

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Hello Question - I'm not really sure where to look. May someone point me in the right direction to find relevant docs?

I have a field

    name: 'location',
    type: 'text',
    label: "Location",
    required: true,

And of course with the field filled out shows up as this in the API

"location": "London",

For some basic example lets say I want to return a value but is not something seen or edited in the collection for this. Is hooks where I should go? I want the result to look like such:

"location": "London",
  "customHiddenStuff": "Foo",
  "customHiddenNumber": "123",

Where might I find docs relevant to this? Thank you

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    last month

    Zushi - ive used the afterRead hook for things like this. In my case i was removing some data - but no reason it couldnt also be used to add data

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    last month

    is perfect for transforming data that does not need to be saved.

    I'm not sure if you can add data that is not part of the schema, however.

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    last month

    Thank you!

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