Admin Localization Not Working In 2.0

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last month

After updating to payload 2.0 my localizations stopped working.

Here is my config:

export default buildConfig({
    localization: {
        locales: [
                label: "English",
                code: "en",
                label: "Français",
                code: "fr",
        defaultLocale: "en",
        fallback: true,
    i18n: {
        fallbackLng: "en",
        resources: {
            en: {
                info: {
                    icon: "All icons must conform to the Font Awesome 5 icons found",
            fr: {
                info: {
                    icon: "Tous les icônes doivent être conformes aux icônes Font Awesome 5 trouvées",
    collections: [Users, ContactForm, Partners, Updates, Devices],
    globals: [Config],
    editor: slateEditor({}),
    db: mongooseAdapter({
        url: process.env.MONGODB_URI!,
    typescript: {
        outputFile: path.resolve(__dirname, "../../../packages/lib/payload-types.ts"),
    admin: {
        components: {
            graphics: {
                Icon: Icon,
                Logo: Logo,
    cors: "*",
    rateLimit: {
        max: 150,

Here is an example field:

    label: { en: "Name", fr: "Nom" },
    name: "name",
    type: "text",
    required: true,

Not sure what happened. Didn't change any localization settings except for the locale labels.

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    Payload Team
    last month

    Does it work if you remove the locale labels?

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    last month

    No it doesn't

    Actually it seems to have happened before 2.0, im going to find where.

    Ahh ok, I was changing the locale not the language in my user settings. That is confusing.

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