Are there examples of calling payload's "createX" mutations?

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jakey___12 months ago

I've been doing fine querying but I'm just having a hard time understanding the mutation side of things. If I just had an example or two of how to do that in payload, that would be immensely helpful.

thank you

ok, I was able to get over this very basic aspect of gql, lol.

I created a collection called "accounts" that for now just has a couple simple text fields

Then the mutation looks like this:

mutation createAccount($data: mutationAccountInput!) {
  createAccount(data: $data) {

and the variables I passed in looked like this

    "data": {
        "email": "",
        "authKey": "5555555",
        "sessionKey": "5555555",
        "authKeyExpiresAt": "5555555"

mutation successful!

The thing that confused me at first was the fact that the fields you list out are for the


data. They're not actually needed to perform the mutation.

I also was missing the


in the mutation argument type.

Hope this is useful to someone in the future!

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