Attaching an already uploaded file to a collection's upload field?

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3 months ago

Hey there. Running into an issue trying to create an item with an already uploaded images data. I have a collection called Location with a field called



  name: 'bannerImage',
  type: 'upload',
  relationTo: 'media',

I upload an image to my


collection using its own create endpoint. I then get all that returned data (id, url, width, height etc) and I want to create a


with a bannerImage using the previously uploaded media item.

const bannerData = {, url, width, height etc }
const body = {
  bannerImage: bannerData

However, I get the following error trying to create the item

  errors: [
      name: 'ValidationError',
      message: 'The following field is invalid: bannerImage',
      data: [
          message: 'This field is not a valid upload ID.',
          field: 'bannerImage'

I can confirm the image properly uploads, the the ID is the same. Any hints here?

Attaching an uploaded file to a collection's image field using REST API?

I've also just switched to using the Local API and I get the same error there as well

Trying to get more detail - tried everything I can think of, double checked all the docs...

My image id is


await payload.create({
      collection: 'locations',
      data: { ...body, bannerImage: { id: "6477f2fa109ea483339aef9d" }},

still returns

This field is not a valid upload ID.

. Really stumped here

I found this comment which seems to be what I'm doing here:

Attaching an already uploaded file to a collection's upload field?

Adding some more context...

My upload functin that grabs a remote image, blobs it, then uploads to my media collection:

const uploadImage = async (fileName: string) => {
  const newF = getFileOrImage(fileName)
  const formData = new FormData()
  const blob = await fetchBlob(newF.url)
  formData.append('file', blob, `${newF.assetId}.${newF.extension}`)

  const options = {
    method: 'POST',
    body: formData,
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data',

  // @ts-ignore
  delete options.headers['Content-Type']

  const res = await fetch('http://localhost:3000/api/media', options)
  const data = await res.json()

  return data?.doc

And the function that takes the data from that uploaded image, including id, and attempts to attach it to a


field on my collection:

 const body: Location = {,
    bannerImage: bannerData,

  try {
    const res = await payload.create({
      collection: 'locations',
      data: body,
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error:', error)

Image upload works and returns fine, collection create returns the invalid ID stuff

yeesh - ok I figured it out. my bannerImage need to just be a string, an ID instead of the full object. so

bannerImage: "6477f2fa109ea483339aef9d"
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