AuthenticationError: The email or password provided is incorrect.

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4 weeks ago

I've created a new Payload instance using the multi-tenant theme.

It connects to Mongo fine, but Payload returns bad creds at the admin panel. It's been a while since I've seen this errror. Where do I see and modify my Payload login details? When I try change password it says an email is sent, but I haven't received an email.

Email Sent
Check your email for a link that will allow you to securely reset your password.


Is it normal to have the squigly there?

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    Payload Team
    4 weeks ago

    The red is because you likely need to run generate:types, so unrelated.

    Is it possible you're connecting to a pre-existing database? A differing secret could cause a bad password response.

    Regarding email, have you configured a provider? If not, it will be using ethereal email. You can enable logMockCredentials in email to show you how to log in and see the sent email. Docs here:
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    4 weeks ago

    Thanks Elliot, I'll try that this weekend.

    Yes I have 1 free Mongodb and many projects, connecting the 1 DB as I don't want to pay for DBs before earning revenue. I guess I can setup a localdb as another database. It's cool, I only need 1 DB at this time so I'll delete the existing DB and setup a new one.

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